Die Scherben unserer Liebe

Es kann jeden treffen

Die Scherben unserer Liebe

Violence in marriage, physical or psychological – unnoticed by outsiders – regardless of nationality, culture, social class and gender: for many people, it is part of their everyday lives.
For various reasons, it is difficult or impossible for the victims to separate, be it financial dependency or fear of the unknown.
The principle of fault – divorce due to the fault of the partner – is still a topical issue in many divorce proceedings. Many fathers struggle with the injustices (high payments, manipulative ex-wives, alienation of the children, existential problems) after a divorce, to which they are often exposed for no reason and which are no support for either the parents or their children.

Violence knows no gender, faith, origin, age, social class or professional group. It can affect anyone!




  • Duration: approx. 30 minutes
  • Shooting period: April/May 2021
  • Shooting days: 5
  • Language: German/Turkish
  • Genre: Violence, Drama



Ines Cihal​ | Clara
Max Ortner | Daniel
Onur Çağdaş Şahan | Cemil
Yasemin Hickl | Alev
Özge Dayan | Aynur
Hatice Cetinkaya | Saniye
Omer Oncu | Extra
Melissa Cisem | Extra


Yasemin Hickl | Director
Friedrich Kober | Co-Director
Martin Kober | Camera, DoP
Julian Kober | Camera
Wolfgang Rittinger | Sound Engineering
Wiebke Krause | Production Assistant
Wolfgang Garhöfer | Set Photographer
Monika Zwiauer | Make-up
Melkys Valdez | Make-up
Wolfgang Garhöfer | Set Photographer
Anna Stückelschweiger | Set Photographer
Felix Abrudan | Set Photographer
Wolfgang Novak | Taxi – Airport – Messenger Rides
Brigitte Kober | Making of Camera

Music & Credits

Score: Julian Kober
Music Credits: Markus Kadensky
Producer: Markus Kadensky (Gitarren, Streicher Arrangement)
Percussion Instruments: Markus Kadensky
Mix, Master: Albert Lampel
Vocals: Ines Cihal

Sponsors & Special Thanks


La Hong | Fashion Designer
Ursula Neuwirth | Goldsmith
Rie Pomper-Takahashi | Artist
Hotel Grätzl
COMPASSIST creative solutions | Web- and Advertising Agency
Vienna Film Commission

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