Film & Video Production

Spinning Gear Films

Image films

Put your products in the spotlight and give your brand the right stage.

Give your online presence the image it deserves.

Music videos

Sound and image form the right composition.

Producing a music video is a wonderful, creative process.
I concentrate on the visuals and play with colors and light.

The music determines the genre in its infinite possibilities.

Social Media

Producing social media videos requires creative planning and technical skills to create engaging content.

Visual aesthetics and sound quality are crucial to effectively reach the target audience.


A photo shoot offers professional images for various occasions and purposes, from portraits to product photos.

I take care of the right lighting, staging and post-processing to achieve optimal results.

Video Podcasts

Video podcast production combines video and audio recordings to create informative and entertaining content.

It requires careful planning, high-quality equipment and post-production to deliver professional and engaging episodes.


Because good movies have to get all the factors right.
Because everything has to run like clockwork.
Because every project is a challenge.
Because it’s my passion.