Dance connects us

On the journey to yourself

Dance Connects Us

tells the story of a young woman named Mira who embarks on a journey to find herself after a difficult separation.

Comparable to a caterpillar that hatches from its egg, gathers many experiences and finally blossoms as a butterfly in its variety of colors.




  • Duration: approx. 15 minutes
  • Shooting period: 2020
  • Shooting days: 3
  • Language: nonverbal
  • Genre: Dance



Johanna Prosl | Mira
Nicole Haselbacher | Joe
Neha Kapdi | Kathak Dancer
Christian Weiss | Tabla Player
Irina Gremmel | Ballet Dancer
Doro Altenburger | Tribal Dancer
Mitra Rahimi | Flamenco Dancer
Benjamin Sageder | Man at the bar
Yasemin Hickl | Woman at the bar
Nina Zahradnik | Waitress


Martin Kober | DoP
Julian Kober | Camera
Wolfgang Rittinger | Camera
Manuel Meissner | Camera Assistent
Sinan Cakmak | Assistant Director
Benjamin Sageder | Director of Photography
Musa Dogan | Colour Grading
Maike Kolmer | Make-up Artist
Mikhail Evstratov | Light Designer
Matija Joksimovic | Sound Engineer
Max Wister | Sound Assistant
Nina Zahradnik | Sound Assistant
Maria Hernandez | Making-of Camera
Wolfgang Garhöfer | Set Photographer
Olena Berdnik | Set Photographer
Fritz Kober | Food Shooting in Oberlaa
Serpil Cimen | Food Shooting in dance school
Musa Kiran | Transport

Music & Credits
Sponsors & Special Thanks

Tanzschule Step & Swing
Cafe Benno
Lotos Möbel
Vienna Film Commission

Special Thanks:
Sebastian Bobik
Sanela Filipovic

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